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Here's how you can do a hair spa at home naturally without spending any money in the parlour. Hair spas are the best way to get shiny hair. This is really affordable and it really works so do try it and get super soft, silky and shiny hair naturally with this hair spa at home!


For this you need only hair oil. You can use any oil . Firstly part your hair into two equal parts and then apply oil on your scalp and roots of hair and massage well.Apply this hair from roots to the tip of your hair and massage your hair softly.After that make a bun.Do not secure it tightly.


For steaming you will need warm water and towel.Take hot water and dip the towel in it and then take it out and wring it well to remove excess of water.Do this step with precautions . Now keep it over your hair and secure it on the back until it leaves all the steam.It will help hair root to absorb the oil,do not give too much hot steam as it can damage your hair.


For hair wash you will need shampoo.You can use any organic shampoo of your choice.Now after steaming ,Rinse your hair with shampoo.


For DIY conditioner you need 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel ,2 teaspoons of rose water and 4 teaspoons of water . You can use any aloe vera gel and if you don't have this you can use a organic conditioner. Now add all these ingredients to a glass bowl and mix it well.After mixing it ,transfer it to a spray bottle and your conditioner is ready. Now after shampoo,spray this to your semi wet hair and detangle your hair softly from the tip of hair to the scalp.


For this you need cucumber , brahmi powder .Peel  it and grate the cucumber and add 3 teaspoons of brahmi powder .Mix them well and your pack is ready.Now apply this pack to your hair length from root to tip and leave it for half an hour . After half an hour rinse your hair with cool water . If your hair have split ends and they are weak, dull and dry So,you should try this amazing spa.Do it once a week for amazing results.

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