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In this blog I will share with you How To Remove Sun Tan  from your face and body instantly at home. I will share some quick preparation guide with basic kitchen ingredients.



➽2 tsp Coffee
➽2 tsp Sugar
➽1 tsp coconut oil
➽1 tsp Aloe Vera Gel
➽1 tsp Honey

Mix all the ingredients very well and make a fine paste out of it.This scrub also lightens your skin complexion making it more smooth and fair. You can store this scrub in any container or jar and you can also store this scrub in room temperature up to one week.Apply a little amount of this scrub all over your face or body and then gently massage in circular motion for about 5 minutes. After massaging just wash it off with normal water .Use this scrub twice or thrice in a week.
Coffee helps to minimize fine lines and protect against the loss of moisture,making it the ideal choice for anti-tan and anti-aging.



➽1 tsp turmeric powder
➽2 tsp gram flour
➽1 tsp honey
➽2 tsp yogurt
➽1 tsp gram flour

Mix everything well and just apply this pack on your face and body. Make sure that you have washed and clean your face prior to applying your face mask . Avoid your eyebrows and lashes. After fifteen minutes wash it off with normal water. Use this face pack twice or thrice in a week .
Turmeric adds glow to your skin ,reduces pigmentation and used as all over body scrub.



➽2 tsp rice flour
➽1 tsp all purpose flour / wheat flour
➽Raw milk -Enough to make a thick and creamy paste.
➽1 tsp honey

Mix all the ingredients and apply a layer of this pack on your face and neck and let it dry for 20 minutes.Then wash it off with lukewarm water.
Before washing off, you can rinse it with water and gently scrub your face and neck for a while because rice flour is a very good exfoliator . It removes dead skin ,sun tan and makes your skin soft.

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