Sunday, 12 November 2017


HELLO FRIENDS...!!πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Are you dealing with hair problem?
If you want long ,healthy and shiny hair than this blog is for you. I know hundred out of hundred people want this hair care tips. What do we do to get such smooth and silky hair.I know you guys do a lot of care for your hair . But you know that you make such small mistake during hair care and because of which they do not look pretty but they become dull dry and damage and starts to fall apart. So friends don't worry ,don't take tension because I have a solution of this small problems in this blog. The special thing about this blog is that I will tell you what you should do for your hair and what things should be avoided . It means do's and dont's.

↫     HAIR WASH     ↬


⇏  So lets start with hair wash. The biggest reason for hair fall is that we do not use shampoo correctly. Shampoo is of thick consistency and we apply it directly to our scalp.This is our biggest mistake and when we wash it after applying it does not get out of the right because of which its chemicals are left inside and hair starts falling.
⇏  If you think that washing your hair again and again will clean your hair, so you are wrong because washing your hair again and again reduce the natural oil of our hair and because of this our hair become dry and starts falling.
⇏  The right way to apply shampoo is to mix it with some water in the first place or dilute it and than apply it on your hair. focus more on the scalp than the hair length. For that we have to massage our hair with the help of fingers.

↫     CONDITIONING      ↬

⇏  Many people think that the more conditioners we apply,the more our hair will look smooth and shiny.Some people think that applying conditioner in the roots of hair will smoothed from the roots. This is absolutely wrong.

⇏  The conditioner should be applied on hair length and it should not be applied on the roots of your hair. 

⇏  Always remember to wash your hair properly with good amount of water after applying conditioner because the ingredients of the conditioner should not be left on the surface of your hair as it damages the texture of your hair and make your hair look rough.


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